We offer two stellar programmes that nurture children from the ages of 3 months – 24 months, and 24 months – 6 years old.

Prestige Baby Programme

(3 months – 24 months)

Your child is a gift entrusted to us, so we ensure that they always receive the best possible care.

Our premium baby programme addresses all infant milestones, having been designed to develop your baby’s growth and development in their formative years.

The programme includes baby gym, baby massage, baby stimulation and development, speech development, midline crossing, balance and muscle development and gross motor skills.

Your infant will be also exposed to the incredible Reggio Emilia learning methodology. They will learn to communicate, express creativity and discover what interests them and explore it further, all while maintaining your existing routine with bottle times, naps and play schedules.

Our staff are well-trained in first-aid and CPR, so you can rest assured that your child is always in safe hands.

Prestige Kidz Academy

(24 months – 6 years)

This prime toddler and preschool programme caters exclusively to children between the ages of 24 months – 6 years old. Mixing it up is important, so we pair diverse teaching styles that complement each other and facilitate different kinds of student engagement and opportunities to learn. This includes The Reggio Emilia approach and The Letterhead Programme.

Our Model

The Reggio Emilia approach is a child-led method of teaching. In addition to a strict academic curriculum, preschoolers are encouraged to ask questions and learn from their interests, surroundings and each other.

The Letterhead Programme is an exciting mode of teaching for the preschool class that teaches children how to learn letter sounds and formations in a fun and interactive way.


In keeping with the standards we pride ourselves on, our Academy follows the standard CAPS Curriculum, and is recognised as a reputable institution by the Department of Basic Education.

Lessons are structured to include Language, Reading, Writing, Dialogue, Numeracy and Life Skills. Our students learn by engaging with these concepts through fun, hands-on activities and play.


Where some see scribbles and splotches, we see ideas. Through art your children have the opportunity to be creative and express themselves, all while developing their motor skills, decision-making, inventiveness, self-confidence and interpretation of the world.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The opportunity to discover passions and hidden talents can give your child a new source of confidence.  Our extra-curricular activities are conducted on a weekly basis by outsourced professionals. We offer:

  • Playball
  • Speech, Drama & Etiquette
  • Dance/Ballet
  • Music

*Extra curricular activities are branch dependent.

We also work with a qualified Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Physiotherapist as part of our daily programmes.

Outdoor Play

Our safe, outdoor play area is an wondrous world where kids have the freedom to climb, balance and play. Here they are immersed in laughter and joy, as they interact, experience nature, be imaginative and build healthy bodies through movement.